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Confidence in the Lord

As we go through life, there are times when our confidence wavers.  There are times of deep discouragement, disappointment and despair.  Quite often these dark moments result from the interactions we have with people around us.  For instance, have you ever put your confidence in a person and been disappointed?  Have you ever suffered a let-down by someone you trusted deeply? 

Be Very Sure!

Over the last few months, I’ve heard a certain phrase used repeatedly, “You do you!” It is often stated with such emphasis as though to convince the hearer of its ultimate wisdom and truth.  On the one hand, God created you to be unique, no one else is like you, so go ahead and be you.  However, the modern take on this phrase goes further, it gives one the license to be a free spirit, no matter where that spirit takes one.   In other words, in this modern era, people are free to be and do whatever pleases them.  Whatever feels good to you, go ahead and do it.  However you want to show up in the world, go ahead and be it.  No one has a right to an opinion concerning your lifestyle because it is your life.  On the surface, this is a tempting proposition.