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Esther's Hope 

written by Joan Cornelison, illustrated by Rachel Mindes

Purchase book for $10

Purchase book for $10

Speaker, pastor and author Joan Cornelison, shares a brief biography of her mother’s incredible life in Esther’s Hope.  Born in a rural village in Kenya on August 26th, 1931, Esther’s prospects for a successful future were dim.  She was one of eleven children, the daughter of a modest church planter, and she was a girl growing up in a traditional male-dominated culture, but God changed the trajectory of her life through a simple act of kindness, and the rest was history.

Esther’s Hope is a call out for all of us to consider reaching out in support of the “forgotten girls” of our world through simple acts of service.  Joan ends the book this way: “Will you be the one who takes up the call?  Will you be the one who gives these girls the wings they need to follow their dreams, to follow in Esther’s footsteps in service to God?”

Esther’s Hope is a soft-cover, easy to read book, suitable for children ages 8 to adults that is meant to be read and passed on to a friend or neighbor.  50% of proceeds from the book will be used to support tuition scholarships for underprivileged young women in Africa through Esther’s Hope Ministries.

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