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Words Have Power!

Words Have Power!

Words have power.  In some cases, words influence who we are, and words are also the lens through which the world often judges us.  When life is calm, it is easy to find the right words for any occasion, but when we are under stress or trial, we sometimes feel less restrained in what we utter.  Consider times when you’ve said something you ought not to have said and then added sheepishly, “Pardon my French!” or “Oooops!  That was a slip of the tongue.” 

That Name!

“What’s in a name?”  Juliet asks in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”  The implication here is that names don’t matter but this is not entirely true.  There is one name that matters for you and me today, and every day.  And that name is, Jesus.  His is the name that is above every other name.  It is the first and the last.  It was, it is and always will be.