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The Stone's Been Rolled Away

…and they asked each other, "Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?"
Mark 16: 3

As the women came up the hill to the tomb, they pondered over the obstacle that awaited them at the mouth of the tomb.  They asked each other, "Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?"  But the Bible records, that when they looked up, they saw the stone which was very large, had been rolled away from the tomb.  While they were still on their way, God had already taken care of the problem.  He had paved their way; he had removed the barrier.  And when they looked in, they saw that the tomb was empty.  The grave had given up Jesus’ body.  The tomb could not hold him down.

Brethren, Sunday has come, and Jesus is alive.  The women had gone in search of his body, but he beat them to it.  He couldn’t wait, having paid the price for sin, and with nothing standing in the way, he broke free and came in search of them, and in search of us and in search of you.  He is alive, and you are free; free from sin and free from death.  You are forgiven, sanctified, and justified through his precious blood.

And if your search for him has been an uphill battle, if you’ve been wondering “who will roll the stone away,” then consider the search over!  Look no further than the Cross.  It is empty, he is risen and is waiting for you with arms open wide.  The same God who rolled the stone away, is here today to reveal himself to you.  He has broken free from the barrier of religiosity, from the barrier of haughty theology, free from any hoop that anyone has ever put in your way. 

Sunday has come, Jesus is alive, you are redeemed, made whole and accepted as a Child of God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Will you accept this gift of eternal life?

Loving and Gracious God, thank you for dying for my sins.  I come to you today and receive you into my heart.  Forgive me and make me whole.  Thank you for the gift of eternal life, through Jesus Christ my Lord.  Holy Spirit, help me to walk in this new, found freedom and in relationship with you.  The stone has been rolled away and I am received, loved and forgiven.  Amen.