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What Do You Believe?

When he had gone indoors, the blind men came to him, and he asked them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” 

Matthew 9:28

In Matthew 9:28, Jesus had already gone indoors, he was done for the day, but Matthew says, “the blind men….”  The men were blind.  They had a need; a situation that only God could fix.  They acknowledged their condition, and that acknowledgement caused them to “come to Jesus and ask for help.”  Never mind the fact that Jesus had already gone indoors, there was an urgency to their situation and they were determined to reach him.

Can you imagine the disapproval of the disciples?  After a long day’s work, they probably tried to keep the blind men away, so Jesus could rest.  But the blind men needed healing; so that society would not marginalize them or look down on them any longer; they wanted to see; and they were not going to give in.  They were determined to follow Jesus indoors; they were determined to get into the most intimate space, to state their need and receive their healing.

Dear friend, do you have a situation in your life that only God can fix?  Is the situation so urgent that you will do whatever it takes to reach Jesus?  Are you willing to turn a deaf ear to all the naysayers, so you might encounter God?  You see, belief in God should cause us to follow him relentlessly.  We must be willing to go as far as we need to, to have a Holy encounter with him.  We must be willing to go into the inner sanctum of his grace.  And that, dear friends, takes discipline; it takes waiting; it takes patience; it takes courage; and it takes an unwavering faith in a God who has the power to do the impossible.

What do you believe?  The blind men believed that Jesus was able to heal them and restore their sight, and he did.  In the face of all odds, David believed that God could rescue him from the lion’s den, and God did.  And although she was barren, Hannah believed that God could give her a child, and God gave her a Son.  Throughout the Bible we find examples of ordinary people who believed in an extraordinary God and they encountered him amid their belief.

Dear friend, do you have an urgent need, and have you acknowledged it?  Are you willing to believe despite the doubt, discouragement and disapproval of those around you?  The gospel of John 14: 13 reminds us, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  God loves you, and he wants to heal you and your situation.  Do you believe that God is able to do this for you?

Dear LORD, have mercy on me, Son of David!  I am drawing close to you today; I am coming into   the inner sanctum, cleanse me, forgive me, heal me and make me whole.  Amen.