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Call Him, Father

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Matthew 6:9b

As Americans celebrate Father’s Day today, there will be those who will wake up with holes in their hearts.  There are fathers who died, fathers who left and fathers who stayed but are emotionally absent.  But there is One who is the Father of all; the Heavenly Father who loves all his children equally, and without whom there would be no human father worth celebrating.

He is:  Almighty, having power beyond compare; He Believes in you; Is Compassionate towards you and is Jealously Devoted to you; He is Eternal, existing beyond the physical realm; Forgiving every sin; Gracious, extending unmerited favor to you; He is Humble, not considering equality with God as something to be grasped; Immortal, unconstrained by natural laws; He is the God of Justice who promises to avenge any offenses impugned on his loved ones.

He is:  The All-Knowing God, who responds to his children before they speak; He is Love made perfect at Calvary; Miraculous in his interventions into the affairs of man; Never-changing, from age to age, the same; He is the Overcomer, who conquered sin and death and will soon return in his glory accompanied by the saints.  He is our Peace in times of storm; the One who leads us by Quiet waters.  This Father provides Rest for every weary soul.

He is: The Savior of the whole world; Truth personified; United with God the Father and the Holy Spirit; Victorious in every situation; Wisdom is his name; He is worthy to be eXalted today and every day; He Yearns for you and is Zealous for you.  Call him, Father, and celebrate him because today he calls you his child.

Let that hole in your soul be filled by the Good Shepherd who knows you by name (John 10:3).  Yield to him as he opens his loving arms to the child in you, and as he extends his love to your children and their children, to the third and fourth generation.

Father, on this special day, I yield to you.  Take my heart, my life, my soul.  Let me be totally devoted to you.  Thank you for loving me.  In your precious name, I pray.  Amen.