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Paying it Forward

Our backstory:  Many years ago, an American missionary gave my mother (a Kenyan) the gift of a lifetime; he gave her the incredible chance to go to school and receive an education.  She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and excelled as a student, as a mother, as a mentor to many women in Kenya and around the world, and as a professional in the workplace.   Throughout her life, my mother travelled to many parts of the world on behalf of the Kenyan government, championing the cause of women and girls, and always grateful for that divinely sent helping hand along the way (Psalm 36:5).  I believe that my siblings and I are thriving today, because of that missionary's generosity.  I never met him, but his is the gift that keeps on giving through Esther's Hope Ministries, INC. the non-profit I founded a few years ago to continue this life-transforming and destiny shaping work.  Today, we educate 100 girls annually.

The Why:  Esther's Hope Ministries provides access to education and mentoring services to talented, hardworking, but financially strapped girls in rural high schools in Kenya.  These girls often fall through the cracks because no one is looking out for them.  Many of them still face the threat of female genital mutilation and early marriages and their situation is dire.  If you were to meet any of these girls in person you would see their hunger for education clearly reflected in their eyes and in their voices as they plead for support.  They don't want a hand-out, just a hand-up.  They are committed to working diligently in school to maintain good grades because they know that education is their ladder out of poverty and dependence.  I would know, because once upon a time, I was that girl chasing my dreams and reading by flashlight under the bedcovers hours after the nuns who ran the high school I attended, had pronounced “lights out.”

 The Response:  On my last mission trip to Kenya earlier this year, many of the girls received the joyful news that they had been awarded a scholarship, by falling to their knees, tears running down their faces, and arms outstretched to God with deep gratitude.  The sight touched me deeply.

Take Action:  Approximately 68 million girls in Africa would like to go to school but cannot for many of the reasons I have already mentioned.  You can do something about their condition; you can change the ending of a young girl’s story and cement your legacy.  You can STAND UP for ONE.  By keeping a girl in school, you are changing her destiny.  By changing her destiny, you will be changing a family, a community and the world.  Join the mission of Esther's Hope Ministries by giving the gift that keeps on giving.  Educate a girl and save a life.

Join Esther’s Hope Ministries, INC. in making a difference.

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